Let's Thrive in Adversities.


Let's Thrive in Adversities.

About us

Resilient Future International Pvt Ltd (RFI) is a social enterprise. A research, training and evaluation company focusing on climate resilient and people centric solutions. It is registered under Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.  RFI provides world class services derived from decades of national and international experience of its team members. We also contribute socially through awareness raising, offering youth internship and support to disadvantaged segments of society.

Aftab Alam Khan – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

RFI is led by Mr Aftab Alam Khan who brings over twenty year experience of developing people centric and climate resilient solutions in Asia, Africa, Latin America connected with global policy, advocacy and campaigns in Europe and Americas.

Team Members
Ms Sabiha Aftab, Operations Manager

Dr. Iqra Khan, Youth Ambassador

Ms Sundas Zeshan, Environmental Economist.

Dr Ghulam Mustafa Mari, Livestock Specialist.

Dr Imran Ahmed, Energy Specialist and Senior Consultant, UK.

Md Helal uddin, Policy Expert (sustainable agriculture, women rights) South Asia